research on the future of gold vs. traditional investments

Why invest in gold? –
Is it still a good choice?

Most gold owners know that there are many benefits of gold ownership. We are not here to guide you one way or the other. We are here to research the gold markets vs. traditional investment vehicles.


Ways To Invest In Gold

No major country is currently using a gold standard. However, many countries do keep gold reserves. Some states keep significant reserves, although it is not enough to completely back their economies. The United States still holds a sizeable gold reserve, as do Switzerland, Germany, and Australia.

Investing in Precious Metals comes in various formats and most easily found by IRA investment companies that deal with Precious metals, AKA custodians. This is where you can buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium outright in bars or minted coins, or rollover investment accounts.

Gold Bullion – Read more…

You’ll have the satisfaction of looking at it and touching it, but ownership has serious drawbacks, too, if you own more than just a little bit. One of the largest drawbacks is the need to secure it.

You can purchase gold bullion in a number of ways: through an online dealer, or even a local dealer or collector. A pawn shop may also sell gold. Note gold’s spot price – the price per ounce right now in the market – as you’re buying, so that you can make a fair deal. You may want to transact in bars rather than coins, because you’ll likely pay a price for a coin’s collector value rather than just its gold content.

Risks: The biggest risk is that someone can physically take the gold from you, if you don’t keep your holdings protected. The second-biggest risk occurs if you need to sell your gold. It can be difficult to receive the full market value for your holdings, especially if they’re coins and you need the money quickly. So you may have to settle for selling your holdings for much less than they might otherwise command on a national market.

ETFs – Read more…

If you don’t want the hassle of owning physical gold or dealing with the fast pace and margin requirements of the futures market, then a great alternative is to buy an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the commodity. Three of the largest ETFs include SPDR Gold Shares (GLD), iShares Gold Trust (IAU) and Aberdeen Standard Physical Gold Shares ETF (SGOL). The goal of ETFs such as these is to match the price performance of gold minus the ETF’s annual expense ratio. The expense ratios on the funds above are only 0.4 percent, 0.25 percent and 0.17 percent, respectively, as of March 2022.

The other big benefit to owning an ETF over bullion is that it’s more readily exchangeable for cash at the market price.

Risks: ETFs give you exposure to the price of gold, so if it rises or falls, the fund should perform similarly, again minus the cost of the fund itself. Like stocks, gold can be volatile sometimes.

Gold Mining Stocks – Read more…

Another way to take advantage of rising gold prices is to own the mining businesses that produce the stuff.

This may be the best alternative for investors, because they can profit in two ways on gold. First, if the price of gold rises, the miner’s profits rise, too. Second, the miner has the ability to raise production over time, giving a double whammy effect.

Risks: Any time you invest in individual stocks, you need to understand the business carefully. There are a number of tremendously risky miners out there, so you’ll want to be careful about selecting a proven player in the industry. It’s probably best to avoid small miners and those that don’t yet have a producing mine. Finally, like all stocks, mining stocks can be volatile.

Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs), Gold Savings Funds, Gold Bonds, and E-GOLD – Read more…

Exchange Traded Notes or, ETNs are more like a bond. The issuer is promising to pay exactly the return on an index (minus its own expenses, of course), there’s little risk of tracking error. That is, the ETN should be expected to very closely match the performance of the index. Of course, well-managed ETFs can do the same thing, but an ETN comes with an explicit promise.

A Gold Savings Fund is a fund scheme which invests into an underlying Gold ETF.

A Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme (SBGS) is linked to gold price and enables investors to earn interest on their investments.

E-Gold enables you to buy gold in an electronic form on the National Spot Exchanges’ trading platform.

The Easiest Way To Get Started?

Transfer or rollover funds from an existing IRA, 401(k) or qualified retirement account into a



If you’ve ever gone down the rabbit hole trying to invest in gold.

You will find it is riddled with scammers.

Questions and answers


Will I be able to cash out my Gold?

A precious metals IRA means you own real, physical precious metals. Depending on the site you choose to work with, once you are age-eligible (usually 59 ½) you may take distributions and the depository will ship them directly to you. You can also choose to liquidate for cash. But always ask about any taxes you may need to pay for each situation.


What are the penalties for moving from a traditional to precious metal backed IRA or 401(k)?

A rollover or transfer of assets into a Precious Metals IRA takes place with NO taxes or penalties when performed correctly. Make sure to choose a reputable dealer.


What other types of accounts are eligible to be rolled over?

Along with 401(k) accounts, you can also roll over: 403(b), 457, Pension, SEP, annutiy, and TSP accounts as well as Roth retirement accounts.


Will gold make me RICH!?

Gold has historically increased in price by leaps and bounds over some periods of time, but you should NOT expect to get rich by purchasing gold. GOLD is a GREAT way to diversify a portfolio. If you are looking for a way to have long term assets that are based on real value, gold, silver, and palladium will always be backed by their own true value. But unlike any fiat currency, Gold and Silver have NEVER been worth close to zero.


How long does it take to open and set up or rollover an account?

It usually takes one business day to open a Precious Metals IRA with a new custodian, but the timing of funds transferred will depend on you current IRA custodian. The transfer from an existing IRA will usually take two-weeks to over a month.


Are there minimums and maximum amounts you have to purchase?

Different gold companies have different minimums. Most reputable ones start with as low as $10,000 – $50,000 minimums. There are no limits to max orders and you can even purchase large physical quantities of coins or bars directly.


Where are my assets stored?

Precious metals are usually stored in a secure vault at an insured depository. The IRS requires physical metals funding a Precious Metals IRA account to be maintained by a depository and administered by the custodial financial insitution.


What fees are associated?

Unlike most mutual funds, fees for Precious Metal IRAs are often charged as a yearly flat fee rather than a percentage. Always ask about promotions that can reimburse these fees.


How do I know who to choose?

This is the major question and MOST IMPORTANT one! Here is a list of some of the red flags to look out for.

These companies definitely want your money, and they may offer FREE SILVER for your business. In actuality, you will pay for it since they factor it into the price of what you are buying.
Look out for those “great stories” that tell you now is the time to buy in at a great price. They may use excuses like the death of an investor or they have a huge asset due to divorce. They may say they have a huge trade they are making and say you can get in on it. The price is set by the “spot” price set by futures contracts. AKA the price at which mints and institutions buy raw ore from the mines.
They may also try to lure you in with “cancellations”. This is another “great story” they may give due to holding a cancelled order or extra inventory.
Look our for “vault” stories. There is no vault on their floor. They are not checking it.
Always investigate coin prices. Special coins will have a certain value “over spot”, but it is due to things like, speculative interest, collector or investor demand, supply, economic conditions and many other factors. Always remember – there is NO universal guaranteed price over spot.
There are no guaranteed prices or profits. If they offer you a guarantee on your investment.. run.
Don’t make a decision without thinking. They may tell you in order to get a deal you need to buy now. Not true!
Don’t let them try and confuse you with a “lower spread”. The asking price is your buying price, the bid is the price you sell it for. Just like a stock. The spread is the difference between the two. If they offer this, they are likely trying to trick you into a situation where you can only sell back to them, usually for a fee to get the lower spread offer.
A reputable company will only make money off of the sale of gold. Not they buybacks.

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